Insite Renewables, bringing new Insight to Clean Energy.

Insite Renewable Energy, LLC.

(DBA: Insite Renewables) is a new company that I’ve started in response to the difficulty I became aware of in participating in clean energy alternatives. The companies main goal is to create new products that will make it more convenient for consumers to install their own clean energy power sources in buildings without having to go through the hassle of hiring a contractor and being held up by the permitting process.
To start, we plan on manufacturing a spectrum of solar energy devices to take advantage of the solar energy available in windows with some new devices called Solar Shutters, that take on a familiar design of plantation shutters with a renewable twist. Embedded solar cells allow them to collect sunlight for use in other applications within a home to help reduce an electric bill while going green.

More information about this exciting clean energy venture can be found at the Insite Renewables website here: