Triple-D-Reviews, a new website for investigating and reviewing 3D printers


After trying to build two 3D printers, I got frustrated. You have to realize, with as much potential 3D printers may have, they’re still being built and designed by amateurs. Others at Jaxhax have tried building 3D printers as well but have come up short with similar problems. I built a Reprap huxley that had a couple critical design flaws with the extruder, I ultimately gave up on it, and bought what appeared to be one of the higher end 3D printers out there, a Makerbot Thing-O-Matic, which after building it I realized had some feeding issues with it’s extruder as well, I ultimately gave up on it, and sold it for 40% of the $2,000 I paid for it in parts…

Makerbot’s support was also terrible, I will likely never buy anything from them again. Which isn’t a problem since there’s about a thousand new 3D printer companies that have sprung up in the last year.

So now I’ve started a website for 3D printer reviews so that there can be some better accountability for 3D printer manufacturers, and their parts.

I’m calling this site Triple-D-Reviews as in 3D Reviews. You can check it out here: