Entries by Wyatt

In 2015 I entered into my 3rd and final OneSpark competition. OneSpark was typically held once a year in April and spanned as much as a week from Monday till Sunday. In the years prior I didn’t feel like I had performed as well as I’d liked in part because of the venues I had […]

A Fresh Look at Electric Cars and Hybrids

  Electric Cars The concept of the electric car has been around for quite a while, though the only real practical electric car as of late has been the downtown cable cars, though I guess those could technically qualify as trains instead. The largest issue for the longest time has been trying to pack the […]

Insite Renewables, bringing new Insight to Clean Energy.

Insite Renewable Energy, LLC. (DBA: Insite Renewables) is a new company that I’ve started in response to the difficulty I became aware of in participating in clean energy alternatives. The companies main goal is to create new products that will make it more convenient for consumers to install their own clean energy power sources in […]

Jaxhax Makerspace

While I was enrolled at UNF, I think I got bored of the monotonous work of creating uncreative things. When I got my first apartment on Southside (a one bedroom apartment, I rented out the sunroom of) I tried building a 3D printer, and realized that it wasn’t working out nearly the way it was […]

HGTV’s Not-So-Smart Home

I guess the term smart home does not necessarily mean green home. After arranging a visit of HGTV’s overpriced $20 tour we left feeling disappointed. The home valued at nearly $1 million was neither green nor smart. Painted with a couple good pastels, the home had a great beach feel to it, but it seemed […]

International Music

When I was in highschool I started listening to a German metal band named Rammstein. I fell in love with their music, and I’m still a long time fan. Before I left for college I tried researching and finding other international bands and their music. Among them I found R&B Russian music, South Korean and […]

A word about Tropical Smoothie’s Styrofoam cups

Tropical smoothie and Styrofoam cups Tropical smoothie is a company that has a brand that is deeply invested into healthy lifestyles. Most of their sandwich sizes are small portions with healthy ingredients. They offer among all fruit smoothies a green kale smoothie and a bright orange carrot smoothie. The company has been very innovative to […]